Yard Force YF1800LR Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI @ 1.2 GPM

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(7 reviews) Write a Review

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    Cleans Well

    Posted by Stan Johnson on 9 14 2016

    I got this machine because I hate having to wind hoses and cords up by hand. The "live hose reel" and power cord reel definitely sold me on it. Now that I've used it a couple times, it has done a good job. The 1 gallon soap tank came in handy when I used it to wash my RV. I didn't have to stop to refill the tank once. I'm glad I found this little gem!

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    Good pressure and features

    Posted by Rory M on 8 26 2016

    Worked great right out of the box with nothing to put together except snapping the handles on the hose reel. It has great pressure and the turbo tip is great, like a water weed wacker that ate through dirt and mold and fungus. Really like the hose reel and the electric cord reel because they keep everything neat and packed away. Perfect size to store in my garage. Thanks.

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    Great all around power washer. Hose reel A+

    Posted by Gale's Guy on 8 25 2016

    I bought this from Force after finding on Amazon. Cart design is perfect because I have a small garage but wanted more than the little toy models at Lowes. 1800 psi frm this model was more than enough to clean our deck and sidewalk and hose - we have some vinyl siding and some stucco. The hose reel is the best feature to me. So much easier than coiling and hanging on a hook and the power cord reel the same thing. My only suggetion comment is maybe a little bit bigger wheels. Best buy of the year for me.

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    MOre than what I expected

    Posted by Sheldon Fan on 8 23 2016

    This was more than I expected. I was just looking for a good electric pressure washer to use aorund the house and at our lake cabin. The hose reel and cord reel are great options that I never saw before. Pressure was more than enough for everything I cleaned and will clean. Low frame and cart makes storing in shed and bringing to lake house better because compact. Turbo nozzle is great like oithers said. I little longer hose would be good but I just connected the hose from my old washer and that was perfect. We do recommend this 1800

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    Great pressure, best features

    Posted by D. Casper #87 on 8 21 2016

    Set it up within 3 minutes of opening the box - nothing to screw together! Great pressure for cleaning everything that I could imagine around our house including my boat and ATVs. Turbo nozzle is crazy good, wish I knew about this thing before. This is a great power washer, you should get it. Thanks.

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    Performed Well

    Posted by Carl Bosson on 8 19 2016

    The YF1800LR was delivered on Monday and I used it to wash my motor-home after I got off work on Tuesday. I was able to wash the entire motor-home without having to refill the solution tank, which was great. Also, it was nice not to have to deal with a tangled hose or power cord. They were easy to wind back up on their reels. I've got a few more cleaning jobs to use it on before fall hits.

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    Worked great. Cool hose reel

    Posted by Gerry G on 8 17 2016

    1. Opened the box and nothing to assemble except snap on the handles for the reels - can't remember the last time I bought something that I didn't have to screw together. 2. Great pressure - this power washer did an awesome job cleaning the patio, driveway and walk. The turbo tip made all the difference, never used one before. 3. AWESOME hose reel, and not just a place to wrap up the hose but the hose is connected to the water supply so i decided how much hose to pul out and when I was done I just turned the handle to wind it up! Same for the power cord reel, just turn the handle and wind up the cord - it's like 30 feet long. 4. This gets 5 stars from me - best tool purchase of the summer. Thanks. Gerry G